Stress Can Dramatically Change Your Brain, Here’s How

Portrait of stressed businessman

Many people have trouble while concentrating on a particular thing or learning new ideas. And many people spend their nights tossing and turning the sides on the bed. This is not your fault, says science. This is what stress has done to your mind. While conducting a research on activities of human brain under stress, researchers have found that stress has the ability of turning the functioning of your brain upside down.

According to the research, if you are going through stress, the size of your brain shrinks and you find difficulty even in performing simple tasks.

Yes, stress reduces your ability to perform even simple tasks.

This is how stress affects your brain

You might be little surprised to know that stress isn’t always bad. It might be little helpful if you are experiencing right amount of it. While you are experiencing moderate amount of stress, it pushes you a little to do work with more pace and efficiency. But when it exceeds the threshold, your brain stops thinking productively and you start facing difficulty in performing simpler tasks.

Most of the times we over-work at home or at office and forget to take some time out of out routines to distress. This is where the bigger problem starts. Whether you’re in a major accident or at office with heavy loads of work, your brain functions in the same way considering the situation as a threat or havoc.

So, our brain starts pumping too much cortisol leading to following issues:

  • It dampens your immune system.
  • It raised the blood pressure and HDL cholesterol which gives you higher chances of getting heart attack.
  • Hinders the hippocampus from making new brain cells. This part of your brain helps memory, and too much cortisol has been shown to lead to Alzheimers.
  • An excess of cortisol in the blood is related to chronic depression.

Ways To Overcome Stress

  1. Evaluate your reasons for stress and change them.
  2. Meditate – 15 minutes twice a day can do a miracle.
  3. Exercise has also been proved to improve your mental health and deal with stress.
  4. Sleep for at least 8 hours a day.
  5. Do not over-work. It’s okay of you have loads of work for 2-3 days, but don’t make it a habit.
  6. Spend some time alone without gadgets.
  7. Take a walk alongside river or any water body daily.
  8. Socialize and make friends.
  9. Spend time with family and someone you love.
  10. Read inspirational books.