Top 5 Online Store Builders To Build Your Own Online Store


If you own a business and selling products, then it is not okay to not start online store in the world where registering a domain, purchase a hosting, and running a website is very economical and pocket-friendly. With free tools and cheap web-hosting, you can easily open online store without having to spend a fortune. No matter you want to create your own online store for side-business or full-time income, it can make you a lot of money if you are really selling something.

Why you should build your own online store?

We do realize that there are many places where you can sell your stuff online, for example, Amazon and eBay. But still, the benefits of your own online store win against all of them, and for a good reason. A self-hosted e-commerce website gives you more control over everything including the shop and its presentation. You can present your products to your customers in desired way. You can also avoid transaction or listing fees. The only headache is that you’ll need to keep your store updating to stay in the market.

Top 5 Online Store Builders

Shopify Online Shop Builder (Website)


It is one of the most popular online store builders which are easy and economic, both at the same time. This is a web application, with the help of which you can create your own online store. It has many templates that can be customized according to different user requirements. One of the best things about shopify is that the users without knowledge about designing and development can easily create their online store without coding skills. However, people with little coding skills will love it a lot more finding that it allows you editing and little modification in theme according to the requirements.

Magento : E-Commerce Platform Solutions (Website)

magento Online store builder

This online store builder has evolved as number e-commerce platform that has served more top merchants than anyone else. It makes more than double the amount than any other platform makes. With the help of its open-source, omnichannel solutions and cloud-based digital e-commerce platforms, many merchants have been empowered to integrate their digital and physical shopping experiences. Having this online store builder means having the best platform to start your own online store.

PrestaShop (Website)

prestashop online store builder

You must consider using PrestaShop if you are looking forward to create your own online store with numerous features and excellent usability. With PrestaShop, you’re getting a powerful tool to expand or start your business online and reach more customers. This platform is best known for its user-friendliness, flexibility, and reliability. You can either install PrestaShop in your own hosting or go for PrestaShop Cloud, which is pre-installed PrestaShop engine. If you are a non-programmer and what to open an online store for you, then this platform with extended functionality can do a magic for you. It is one of the best online store builders you’ll even know.

BigCommerce (Website)

bigcommerce - online store builder

BigCommerce is al-in-one ecommerce platform that empowers you create your online store and grow your business with great pace. Using BigCommerce is more like leasing and customizing a storefront in a development instead building your own store. You’re still in control of design, merchandising, and everything business-wise – but you leave the store construction, plumbing, security, and infrastructure to the property owner. Therefore, it might not make you feel like a builder, but it can work really great for you.

Wix (Website)

wix- online store builder

When it comes to online store building, Wix is something you must check out. Furthermore, it has 77 million users across 190 counties and these stats are growing at even fast rate.

These are only a few of their great benefits for you:

  • Set up website fast (no joke, probably 5 minutes)
  • Simple drag and drop to make your life easy when designing your site.
  • Dedicated 24/7 to help you when needed
  • Optimized for your mobile users
  • Tons of templates to choose from that fit your needs and will catch your customers attention
  • Easily add blog features on your eCommerce website

Wix Pricing

    Free – Limited Features

    Connect Domain – $5 Monthly

    Combo – $10 Monthly

    Unlimited – Most Popular – $14 Monthly

    eCommerce – $17 Monthly

    VIP – $25 Monthly